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Business Planning

Group Health and Dental

In this competitive employment market place it is difficult to keep great employees. One way is to provide a group life, health and dental plan. We have a number of different providers that will quote for business as small as one person up to large companies.

Group RRSP

A group RRSP is a great fit with your company’s overall compensation approach. It provides greater financial security to your employees, it conveys your concern regarding you employee’s life after work. It helps your company gain an edge when recruiting and enhances your employee’s appreciation and loyalty so they want to stay with you for the long term.

Buy/Sell Insurance

You work hard to build up a business. If something were to happen to you, how could your partners ensure the smooth transfer of business? How could they make sure that they had enough funds to purchase the shares of the deceased owner or partner when needed? Life insurance provides low cost protection and term insurance can be the best choice since it meets your needs and fits with your business cash flow.

Key Person Insurance

This insurance protection involves the use of life insurance to create immediate working capital for a business to meet immediate cash needs and find a replacement in the event of the death of a business owner or key executive.

Split Dollar CI

This insurance provides a business owner with protection against the effects of a critical illness and by using the Return of Premium rider potentially gives him personal access to all premiums paid by the corporation after 15 years. This arrangement is a formal legal agreement.


Estate Planning Questionaire for Business Owners

InSync workbook

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