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Life Planning


A budget is a plan that helps you pay your living expenses, pay off debts, decide what you can afford and save toward financial goals that you develop. Basically to have money for the things that you want to do. It puts you in the driver’s seat. It is not a rigid set of rules it’s a tool that you design to give you choice about how you use your money. Money Mentors has a great one page Spending Plan Worksheet. Please check out their website for more great information.



Wills, Power of Attorney, and Personal Directives, these three are essential for everyone.

A Will ensures that the division of your estate is handled according to your wishes. It also ensures that your minor children are cared for by the people that you choose. If you die without a will and are considered to have died “intestate” the province will make decisions about who will care for your children and who will inherit your money.

A Power of Attorney document will ensure that the person of your choosing will act on your behalf in the event that you are unable to make decisions regarding your finances due to a disability or infirmity.

A Personal Directive allows you to name a decision maker and/or provide written instructions to be followed when, due to illness or injury, you no longer have the capacity to make decisions regarding the medical treatment you want to receive.

Estate & Financial Planner

Please see the “Estate & Financial Planner”. It is a great tool from the Estate & Financial Planning Institute to help organize your finances and have all your information in one place. This document is an important tool in your planning process and once completed would be good to take to any meeting with your lawyer, accountant or to leave with your executor.

Life Events

There are many life transitions like marriage, the birth of a child or buying your first home that can trigger the need to purchase insurance or change your insurance coverage. Planning your retirement? There are products and plans that can help make your retirement years comfortable. Morris Financial Group can give you the tools and information to help you handle all your important life events.



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