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Financial Planning

Your Home

Buying a home or refinancing? Our advisors are authorized to refer you if you are interested. 


Want to save for your child’s education? The cost of a college or university education is expensive. Let us show you how to take advantage of the government grants available to help you save. CRA rules for RESPs

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Do you have a favorite charity that you would like to support? Talk to us about creative solutions using life insurance to increase your giving.

Bank Accounts

Are you tired of paying high fees and receiving a low rate of interest on your deposits at your bank?

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Guaranteed Interest Certificates are an important part of a complete financial plan. Their guarantees provide an element of security and a low degree of risk. GICS sold by insurance companies features competitive rates and other important benefits like…

  • A wide variety of investment options like cashable, laddered and escalating rate GICs
  • Estate planning benefits, the ability to name a beneficiary, means that the proceeds after death can bypass probate.
  • The potential for creditor protection.

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Tax Free Savings Accounts are a great option to help grow your savings and keep all the money in your pocket. The interest earned, or the capital gains generated within the plan, are not taxable by the government.

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Mutual Funds

While GICS can provide you with the fixed income part of any good portfolio, mutual funds provide access to growth in both the stock and bond markets around the world. You can purchase funds at top Canadian and American financial companies like Invesco, AGF and Mackenzie.

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